Kind of a Bummer

For those of you that read my last post over a month ago I mentioned how I was getting over an ankle injury and was beginning to run again in Florida.  I may have been a bit premature and a little too optimistic.  It has been over two months since I injured my ankle and there is still something wrong.   I guess I am not a gecko and am just not going to regenerate without some medical assistance.  I have gone on a few hour and a half runs and have been doing other 40 minute runs and I hurt.  The positive news is I have joined a gym and am hitting the elliptical and weights hard.  Is there a half marathon on the elliptical?  I think I will be ready for that.

The bad news is tomorrow is my next half marathon in a series and I won’t be running in it.  I came to the realization yesterday that I would probably hurt myself even more if I attempt it.  I was asked why it took up to yesterday to decide this and my only response is I thought I would somehow miraculously get better by Sunday.  I know if I were to start it I would do everything I could to finish it because basically I am stubborn.  So rather than risk further injury I am not going to do it and live to fight another day.  I am going to finally go see a medical professional and see what is going on and what I need to do in order to be ready for the Garden 10 miler and a half marathon in July.  It only took about 40 people to tell me to go to the doctor before I decided that may be the next course of action.   I only set myself back a month with hard headedness.   I will continue to cross train and will be back on track soon.

I guess I am not a Gecko


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Getting back at it

I am finally running again after a month with an ankle injury.  I ran 35 minutes today which is the same total that I have run for the month leading up to this.  Needless to say a long month for someone who over the last few years has gotten used to running every day.  I did realize in this journey that I am still fortunate because I have friends with way more serious injuries and looking at a lot longer recovery times.

I am lucky to start running again at sea level while vacationing in Florida.   I was able to run in a Florida State park right off the Beach.  It was 83 degrees, so a little warm but was so psyched to just be out there.   The ankle is stiff and mobility was limited but I think with repetition mobility will come back.

I kind of looked like the white  ghost among all the tan people but am used to that.  I am getting back on track but need to reel myself in so I don’t reinjure myself.  Being gradual is the key.  About a month out from my next 1/2 marathon so we will see how that goes.  This is what I probably looked like to other people at the beach.  Curse my pale skin.


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Goals and other stuff

First of all,

I again realized today that I am not very good with dates. I learned from a post from my sister that today is the 16th anniversary of my Dad’s passing. I think about him every day but for some reason had the 18th stuck in my head. I think that was my Grandfathers birthday (July not December) or maybe I am just making that number up. Anyway, that is why it is good to have people who are good with dates otherwise I might not even know what time of year it is. My sister mentioned in her post that ” can’t believe it’s been 16 years since my dad went to be with Jesus. Sometimes it feels like yesterday. He was a great man full of compassion. He had a serving heart. He had a great sense of humor. There are too many great things about him to list. Today I hold on to wonderful memories I have of time spent as a family. I miss him very much! That about sums it up so I have no words.

The best way I know how to honor him is by running races. I know that may sound strange but I always feel his presence while trying to crank out a half or full marathon. In some shorter races, I feel like he is saying to me “son you have this you don’t need my extra push.” That may just be my imagination but I am going with it. I have decided to conquer the Garden of the Gods 10 miler again because I feel like there is some unfinished business regarding finish time. I can and will go faster this next time around. I have also decided to do the Prairie Dog Half Marathon Series. It is a series of half marathons (one per season) Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. When I finish all four I am going to get an awesome medal.

Other than that I am not sure what is on the Horizon. I do know that I continue to run everyday and except for a little melt down after seeing a picture of myself online last week know that I am maintaining a good level of fitness and am in good shape.

Medal for the series
Prairie dog

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Running in any weather

Today was one of those days if I wasn’t meeting someone I probably would have decided not to run.  Lori and I met at the bottom of Gigantor for our first bad weather adventure.  First it was raining and then somehow, somewhere in the run it got colder and I think it was actually snowing at one point.  I was not ready for this as I still had shorts on and no gloves.  At one point it was hard to look up so I was watching my feet,  which isn’t as fascinating as it may sound.  We ended up going about 45 minutes which was perfect.  I learned two things today.    1.   I hope it remains a little warmer for a few more weeks.  2.  I really need to find my running pants.  I am not sure what races I am training for in the imminent future but continue to run every day and am definitely doing the Pumpkin Pie race.  More info on that in a future post.  Pie at the finish is definitely a good motivator.  I am still trying to figure out a animal to relate with since I have surpassed the turtle in pants.

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Back by popular demand

Ok that may be a slight exaggeration.  Shannon thought I should start writing again and I like doing it time just seems to get away from me. 

Today for some reason I got the idea that I needed to do a long run.  I texted Shannon to see if she could drop me off at the trail entrance behind Costco on the Santa Fe trail.  She reminded me a few times how hot it was going to get, but as usual I thought I should give it a shot anyway.  I have to admit it was very hot but didn’t really affect me until America the Beautiful park.  By that time,  I had a few miles to go and was slowing down a bit.  I still managed to keep going but was definitely feeling it.  By the time I actually got into the neighborhood where Cody and Lori live I had slowed down a lot but I was also very close to my place.  I kept going and when I got home got the glaring stare from my dog (Ginger).  First for waking her up, and second for taking her on a walk in the heat.  She made me pay by doing her best mule impressions.  If you have never seen a 13 pound dog buck back and forth this is quite a treat.    Anyway I did it and feel ok.  I am not sure what my goal race is in the future but I have been running everyday with exception of the two tent sale days this last Saturday and Sunday.  Something about being on your feet for 12 hours straight kills the motivation to run.  I did have water with me today so Judy I have learned something. 

Side note.  In July I was third in my age group for the Rocky Mountain State Games and got a Bronze tinted medal.  I only bring this up because I will probably have to be much older until this happens again. 

I will try to get better about posting.   I could use some suggestions on my new mascot.  I am not quite as slow as the turtle in pants but am not a road runner yet. 

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Garden of the Gods 10 miler Dress Rehearsal

Saturday was the last Dress rehearsal for the Garden of the Gods 10 miler.

It definitely went better than my first go around a few weeks ago. In that dress rehearsal I ended up getting turned around a few times (sense of direction inherited from Mom) and ended up going further than 10 miles. The good news was I knew I could do the race.

This time Judy went over the course with me a few times making sure I was clear on turns and turnarounds. (Thanks Judy). I definitely adopted the strategy that Lori suggested I take. Start out slow and just run steady. I was running up hills that I have hyperventilated on in runs past. I was channeling my inner Lori up the monster hills. Apparently though, my inner Lori is a lot slower than the actual Lori up hills. I was fortunate to be able to run with Nicky for some of the most difficult sections and it made it easier if that is possible. I was able to finish in the time goal I wanted for this practice run and hope to repeat this time in the race. Less than 2 weeks now. I will keep you updated.

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Garden of the Gods training continues

Yesterday I was in the Garden of the Gods again for a training run. I ran 6 miles which could have possibly been harder than the 7 miler I ran in there because I turned around and came up the massive hills that I had just run down. It was perfect running weather yesterday, not too cool and not too hot so I felt good the whole time. It truly is beautiful in there and since I was running on my own I made a point to look around and enjoy my surroundings. Don’t get me wrong, I would rather run with Lori but she was hunting Easter Eggs or hopefully gummy product with her family. It does show me that I can do these runs on my own, but also shows me that I still need work on how to pace myself. I will continue to update you as we get closer to the race.

This is the Garden of the Gods.

Garden of the Gods garden of the gods1

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